Purpose of Undergoing Deep Plane Facelift

deep plane facelift surgery

Aging will make you lose the elasticity of your skin slowly but surely. Your face will be affected by gravity as well. All of these coupled with fine lines and winkles over your face will make you look considerably older than you feel. No worries! Remember that age is just a number. You may always resort to cosmetic procedures to spring back. Yes! It is time you tried the highly acclaimed deep plane facelift surgery by connecting with a doctor with a proven track record. 

It helps to be aware that age can cause sagging of the superficial layer of your skin along with the deeper layer known as superficial musculoaponeurotic system or SMAS. The traditional facelift are performed by qualified surgeons, but the deep plane facelift requires the skills of a surgeon with amazing versatility of technique and proven results. 

Facts about deep plane facelift

You have to go through a consultation session with the chosen surgeon who will help you to understand your situation and will explain the procedure in lucid terms. 

You will thus have the surgeon ensure the following by performing the deep plane facelift or DPF

  • The deeper facial tissues will be targeted during the procedure
  • You will retain the ability to loosen and tighten the facial muscles afterward without sorting an unnatural look
  • The face lift will be done meticulously with no pulling and stretching of the superficial skin. The results are natural and are sure to be long lasting
  • The surgeon will employ his/her skills to reposition the fat pads inside your cheek area. This will give you a youthful look. This will help you to achieve the perfect lift in the mid-face area. This particular effect is not found in patients going through the traditional face lift procedures
  • The jaw line will be addressed as necessary with the length, definition, and volume being revised as per the necessity
  • There is no pinching and pulling of the outer layer of skin. On the contrary, the surgeon will lift the skin along with the attached SMAS. Multiple tension points are thus released with flexibility of the skin restored. The angle is a natural one with the process being neither too vertical nor too horizontal

Benefits of DPF

It is the natural look that is coveted by all patients hoping to improve their appearance. The DPF has been hailed by the consumers for multiple reasons with the following taking precedence: 

  • Addresses all signs of aging
  • Recovery is speedy with the first signs of improvement becoming noticeable within 5 days of the procedure
  • There is no extensive scarring
  • The results tend to last for a long time in comparison to the conventional face lift surgery
  • Natural Looks are ensured with most people not being able to find out any tell-tale signs of face lift

Last but not the least, you will be ensured of quick recovery after undergoing the deep plane facelift surgery. Improved healing will get the incision marks disappear within a short time thus making you look young once again.

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