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Here Are the Risks of Leaving a Nail Fungal Infection Untreated

Here Are the Risks of Leaving a Nail Fungal Infection Untreated

Disregarding any health problem only makes it worse irrespective of how minor it may seem at the moment. Some health issues are easy to treat during their early stages. The same case goes for nail fungus. If you have developed a nail fungal infection, leaving it without treatment will only put you at risk of other issues. The condition may seem harmless, but that does not mean you should not seek fungal nail treatment Birmingham. Apart from making the nails look unattractive, the fungal infection puts you at risk of the following problems if you do not treat it.

  • Further Spread of the Infection

This infection can go beyond affecting the nails and enter the bloodstream. The condition is a primary concern for people with a weak immune system. Once the fungus spreads, they weaken the skin, and the bacteria find their way into the blood. This causes swelling, skin tenderness, and redness that can only be treated using antibiotics. That means diseases can start from fungal infections on the nails. Therefore, it is crucial to seek treatment as soon as possible.

  • Pain

When the infection spreads on the nails, it causes pain due to the malformed and thickening of the toenail. This leads to pain, making it hard to walk or wear shoes. Therefore, medical experts advise going for treatment to avoid pain and walking issues. The good thing is that treatment options like laser treatment are not expensive. You can consult an expert about the laser fungal nail treatment cost and get treatment when ready.

  • Loss of Nails

You also risk losing your nails if you don’t treat the fungal infection. When nails are infected, they become weak and detach themselves from the skin. Once this happens, the loose part must be removed by a doctor to give room for the growth of a new one. The look is unpleasant, and you might have to wear closed shoes until new nails grow. Traditional remedies may not heal the nails completely. Therefore, seek medical attention to remove the infection.

  • Spreading Fungus

Apart from spreading the infection, the untreated fungus can spread to the surrounding parts. The same fungus that affects the nails is also responsible for the athlete’s foot. You may start to notice cracked and red skin on the affected areas. The spread will even be worse when you wear shoes. This is because fungus flourishes in warm and moist environments. In a worst-case scenario, the fungus may spread up to the genital areas causing itchiness. The best thing to avoid such complications is to seek treatment to prevent the spread of the infection and fungus.

Treating the Fungal Infection

If you think you have a nail fungal infection, it is advisable to seek immediate medical care. The doctor will take a test to confirm the fungus and prescribe medication to treat them. They will also recommend treatment options like laser treatment, especially if the infection is severe. Nail fungal infections don’t hurt. However, the appearance is unpleasant, and you risk the complications mentioned above. Therefore, don’t live with an untreated nail fungal infection. Seek treatment to preserve your nails and keep you healthy.

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