Top 5 Unknown Benefits of Getting Health Insurance

Top 5 Unknown Benefits of Getting Health Insurance

Health Insurance Policies: Benefits Beyond Hospitalization Charges

Let’s begin this article with a basic question. What is health insurance? Any insurance policy that covers medical expenses arising from an illness can be classified as health insurance.

A health insurance policy will protect your savings from getting expired due to a serious medical condition. Most people are under the assumption that a health insurance plan only helps pay for hospitalization charges. However, the utility of a health insurance policy can go beyond hospital bill coverage.

Depending on the features included in your health insurance plan, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Convalescence Benefit

Insurers often take the responsibility of covering the recovery expenses of the policyholder. The benefit involves covering supplementary charges stemming from hospitalization like job loss.

The insurance companies often pay a huge amount if the policyholder is hospitalized for a prolonged period. In some cases, the insurance provider also agrees to pay for compassionate family visits.

This type of benefit offered by health insurance companies is also known as recovery or recuperating benefits.

  • Organ Transplant

The cost of a kidney transplant in India can reach up to Rs 5 lakhs. All kinds of transplantation surgeries, from the liver to the heart, cost a lot. The best health insurance in India will save you from the financial worries of undergoing an organ transplant.

Most health insurance companies include organ transplant cover within their regular plans. Some insurers cover the entire expense of the transplant, while others might provide it as an add-on benefit.

But you should know that insurance companies only cover the cost of harvesting the organ. Other charges like post-surgical issues, donor hospitalization, and the cost of screening is not included within the policy.

  • Fighting Lifestyle Diseases

People below the age of 45 are becoming increasingly vulnerable to lifestyle diseases. Diabetes, heart disease, respiratory issues, and obesity are highly prevalent lifestyle diseases. Stress, sedentary lifestyles, unhealthy eating habits, lack of discipline, unhealthy food habits, pollution, and tech addiction are some contributing factors.

Preventive measures can help you fight off these diseases. But an unfortunate incident can occur at any time due to these diseases and lead to financial challenges. Some health insurance policies cover regular medical tests that are useful for detecting these diseases early.

When detected early, treatment and lifestyle changes can be started immediately. It will reduce the risk of something serious escalating from these diseases. The health insurance policies will protect you even if something serious gets triggered.

  • Deal with Inadequate Coverage

You might already have a health insurance policy offered by your employer. But you need to check its coverage and determine what it protects you from. Typically, the company-supported health insurance policies offer basic coverage.

If the health insurance plan does not cover potential threats like diseases running in the family, you will be in huge distress during times of need. With the rapid advancement in medical science, high health insurance coverage will fulfill the financial aspects of your medical needs.

Maybe you can’t afford a high coverage plan at the moment. You can always begin with a basic plan and keep increasing the cover per your needs and convenience.

  • Dental Treatment

Dental issues are also on the rise these days. Health insurance plans are known to cover dental treatment expenses. Your insurer might cover dental treatment once every few years.

The policy might also have various sub-limits in case of dental issues. But it’s still beneficial because people don’t suffer from dental issues too frequently. The insurance cover will be valuable when you need to undergo any dental surgery.

Parting Thoughts

Health insurance companies cover various additional expenses like ambulance charges and follow-up appointments with the doctor. Policyholders are often eligible to undergo cashless health checkup tests for claim-free years.

Another added benefit offered by most health insurance companies nowadays is Covid-19 coverage. Choose a health insurance policy now and remove financial worries from your mind in case of a medical emergency.

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