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Why garcinia is recommending by Dr. Oz?

Why garcinia is recommending by Dr. Oz?

A Turkish American is Dr. Mehmet Oz who was working in Columbia University as professor of Surgery department and works in New York Presbyterian hospital as director of complementary medical program and cardiovascular Institute. He is expert in heart replacement surgery and dedicated his full life to medical industry. A mission made by him is to make understand people to make perfect health choice which helps to live their life better. He organizes his own shows and makes his appearance in other popular shows to answer health related questions to viewers. 

Dr. Oz made many research with the extracts of Garcinia and finally find that it acts as a perfect supplementary for weight loss. He published it through media and his shows the specialities of garcinia and make awareness among people. As from Dr. Oz point of view he called products of garcinia cambogia as “holy grail of diets”. According to Dr. Oz garcinia cambogia is a best weight loss product without any side effects. An extract from a fruit known as garcinia cambogia and same name for the tree also is the product of garcinia. It is found in Southern Asia particularly said in southern India and other parts of countries which is having same climate. It grows naturally and used to make more taste for sea food and beef curry food items. 

Restricted peoples to intake garcinia

Before taking garcinia it is to follow the manual in this restricted for some people mentioned. Pregnancy ladies will not to take this type of supplementary as their foetus need all fats of mother. Breast feeding people need to avoid taking it which leads to develop difficulties. Memory related diseases such as alzheimer’s, dermentia and like other people need to avoid as it takes to worse condition. Heart problem people need to take their doctor’s advice before taking any type of supplementary as it suits for their health or not. The current dosage of Garcinia Cambogia is recommending for people who are more than 18 years. So it is not advisable to use this product for young children and teenagers as it may create a bad situation. 

It is safe to use Garcinia Cambogia?

Many of people talking that the products are not safe and lead to worse health, but there is no scientific research result is with them. Mild complaints such as restlessness, headaches, fatty stools, lack of sleep and rash are found in some people who are using this product for first time. All above mention complains won’t appear for one person, one or two complaints will occur and not to worry about it. Fatty stools and headache can cure with help of mild pain killers. Lack of sleep and restlessness occurs because of more energy produced by the body. Garcinia Cambogia product along with simple exercise will help to get better sleep at night. 

If you are obese, it is recommended not to take garcinia cambogia for more than two months. If you are overweight stop using the product in one or two weeks and follow exercise and healthy eating to keep the body shape. 

How to choose a perfect brand?

It is not possible to differentiate the best between each brand of garcinia cambogia, as all products perform well. The first thing is to find the brand amount of extract, if it is mentioning as below 50% then it is not much effective. In addition to the above it is necessary to find brands with 100% filler (it is a chemical) free. It is essential to find that each pill needs to contain 400 milligram of HCA. All brands are comes with 100% money back guarantee so all are best. It is consider that real garcinia cambogia 1500 is the best brand.

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