Now A Free Clinic For Pregnancy Which Is Unintended Or Unplanned

Now A Free Clinic For Pregnancy Which Is Unintended Or Unplanned

Pregnancy marks the journey of a woman to motherhood and indeed is a lifetime experience which women always cherish. Actually, couples now plan a baby once they are financially sound as cost of raising a child is tremendous and one also has to prepare mentally to accept the challenges that come with embracing parenthood. However, sometimes, pregnancies are unintended or unplanned due to various avoidable or unavoidable circumstances and in such a case, the mental agony of a woman know no bounds. 

Often, she is left alone to bear the emotional stress and she becomes increasingly unsure what to do with her pregnancy. Most hard hit are the women who are financially weak or get no financial assistance from their families or partners when the pregnancy is unplanned. Now there is a free clinic for pregnancy in the San Francisco Bay area in the United States of America which provides medical as well as emotional support much deserved by any pregnant woman. 

Know the causes of unintended pregnancies 

It is imperative to know what cause a woman to get pregnant without her consent. Some of the major reasons can be summarized as below ones.

  • Rape
  • Contraceptive failure 
  • No use of contraceptive

Negative consequences of unintended pregnancy 

According to many researches done across the world, it has been found that a woman if get pregnant without her wish extends less parental support and love to the child born by such a pregnancy. Less emotional responsiveness towards the child actually do more harm than any good and severely affects the self esteem of such a child. A woman also face a lot of emotional stress which compounded if there are financial constraints too as raising a child itself involve considerable cost and need adequate time which such a mother fails to offer willingly.   

Get same day appointments 

The clinic offer same day appointments which means pregnant woman don’t have to wait for endless days to get in touch with a doctor or counselor which is very important to provide her a needed mental relief and to enable her to arrive at any definite decision or continuing or discontinuing her pregnancy. Free ultrasounds and pregnancy tests done by the clinic also makes them much aware of their pregnancy status. 

Access to community resources 

Undeniably, community resources make a huge difference to pregnant women who are from a low income group because these resources enable her to get the health care services which are crucial for the well-being of herself as well as her baby. The free clinic for pregnancy apart from offering community resources to these women also offers the desired relationship counseling to a woman and her partner so that they can discuss the issue of the unintended pregnancy with an open mind and can arrive at a decision that seems best for themselves. 

Since, emotional support and medical assistance rendered by the clinic extends to one whole year and there are qualified doctors, physicians and trained counselors, donors are always invited to contribute as much as they can to help such women.

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