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Low Libido: What Exactly Is Libido and How Testosterone Plays a Role in Regulate It? A Study by Evan Bass Men’s Clinic

Evan Bass Men’s Clinic

Living life with declining testosterone levels can take a major toll on the sexual performance of a male. In reality, a low testosterone level does not necessarily affect one’s sexual desire or libido. While some men with weakened T levels can still have relatively the same sexual desire, the largest part experience noticeably low physical desire apart from the inability to maintain erection or ED. Other than aged men who are below their 60s, youngsters who feel frustrated due to their inability to perform well in bed and suspect being victims of Low-T, should consult medical facilities like Evan Bass Men’s Clinic for expert diagnosis and treatment.

Understanding the Role of Testosterone and Sex Libido

Being the main male sex hormone, although one of the primary functions of testosterone is regulating sexual drive, however, beyond that, it is responsible for playing various roles such as  

  • Developing sex characteristics (facial hair, deepening voice, pubic hair, bone mass, masculine strength) in males
  • Fat Distribution
  • Production of Red Cell
  • Regulating Sexual Libido
  • Sperm Production

Thereby a stark weaning in T level tends to trigger a series of different issues in men. From gaining abdominal visceral fat to weakening muscle, depression, and loss of energy can be the consequence of low T.

Evan Bass Men’s Clinic Offers An Insight into Testosterone and Male Libido

Practically, defining ‘low’ libido or lessened sex desire in males can be challenging unless having an insight into what is expected with aging. Research has established that men’s sex drive reaches its peak in their 20s and thereafter declines with aging alongside lessening of testosterone levels.

According to Evan Bass Men’s Clinic, the average sex drive level varies considerably among individuals. In fact, other than testosterone levels, factors like stress level, sleep pattern, substance abuse, different physical issues, and scope for sexual intercourse also play a role in controlling sex libido. Therefore, it makes sense for an individual to evaluate their own sex drive in the past and notice how it changes over time rather than comparing it with others. Importantly, there is hardly any numeral to measure libido while sex drive is assumed in a relevant term. For instance, a low drive means a decrease in interest in having sex and vice-versa.

When it comes to man’s sexual desire, it is influenced by two parts of the brain -the cerebral cortex as well as the limbic system. These areas of the brain are responsible for controlling male sex drive and performance. And since testosterone level plays a major role in the physiological processing in the brain both the cerebral cortex and limbic system respond to the T health in men.

Understanding if Low T Is Affecting One’s Sex Life

With the above insight an individual can understand while age-related decline of testosterone can be a major contributing factor in lowering sex libido, there could be various other factors including physical issues that can be responsible for decreased sexual libido. Therefore, for those who find a noticeable change or decline in sexual desire and it is persistent, then it is high time to consult specialized physicians in medical facilities like Evan Bass Men’s Clinic. The doctors there will determine the roots causing low libido while having a thorough discussion about individual medical history, and lifestyle apart from physical and mental well-being.

What Is Testosterone Therapy?

On evaluation of the blood test, individuals diagnosed with low-T level, are recommended for having TRT testosterone replacement therapy. TRT can work effectively to address issues related to testosterone in men with hypogonadism or any other reason.

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